Sheller’s Reflection

I happen to click a blurred photo of mother and daughter meandering around the beach. I actually enjoyed painting from the blurry shot. Less to consider while painting I guess.

While I was engrossed in this painting, I tried to imagine a story of the two people in it. Escaping a busy life comes to mind pretty quickly. The mother and daughter seemed lost in their surroundings. I imagine their beach-going vacation as a great release from a busy life elsewhere.  Whatever my assumptions, I see a mother and daughter each in their separate worlds yet connected through a strong bond and love of nature.



2 thoughts on “Sheller’s Reflection

  1. Cindy Rice

    What a beautiful painting, Heather. It does want you to make up their story. I just thought of something…it’s too bad you don’t know who the mother and daughter are. I am sure that they would LOVE to see this painting inspired by their walk on the beach. Also, I think that this painting would make a great book jacket cover.


    1. practice95 Post author

      Thanks so much Cindy! I wish I knew the blurry photo I painted from was one I would use. This is something I will consider for next time for sure! Book cover – what a neat idea.


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