Fixing an Older Painting








This week I had the opportunity to fix a small painting I did a few years ago. My goal was to pull the harsh blue highlights out of the banana bloom as well as the leaf fronds and lighten the background to bring more attention to the perching bird in the foreground. The beauty of acrylic painting is the artist can cover mistakes with fresh paint! I have seen other artists do this and I thought I would have a go at it.

Bird in Banana Bloom_6946








I love the bright color of the bird against the tropical background and thought the canary was worth bringing forward. I hope the little canary is happier now that he is the center of attention by making him the focal point.



4 thoughts on “Fixing an Older Painting

  1. Cindy Rice

    Hi Heather,
    I liked the first one, but I can see how the redo is much better, softer and warmer too. I am sure the canary is much happier, he is such a pretty little bird. Yes, I like it much better.


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