Small Painting of a Shark’s Eye

Here is another small painting on a 6″ x 6″ canvas of a Shark’s Eye. This sweet little shell actually bores a hole in unlucky clam shells to acquire its meal. That is why you might see a small hole in a clam shell lying on the beach. I know even a shell has to eat, but that kind of creeped me out.

I painted this shell using acrylics and have since been using oils. Today is another day of painting a small shell on a small canvas. You can see how the oils lend themselves to a looser style in the previous post of the Nerite shell. I am so enjoying a more free brush stroke. Probably because the paint doesn’t dry so quickly. Here’s to free, loose brush strokes! Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Small Painting of a Shark’s Eye

  1. Cindy Rice

    I first thought this one was in oils, the colors are beautiful! You captured all of the colors in the shell, but made them look better. Do you have your tiny paintings in a gallery, Heather?

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