Cayo Costa Sea Urchins

I finally got around to painting this sea urchin from my sea shell finds at Cayo Costa State Park. My husband and I enjoyed a perfect day of weather and sunshine on the water.

I always obey the live shelling rule – No live shelling! I recently heard that when placing live shells back into the water, never toss them, as it is traumatic to the critter inside. So now I carefully place them back in the water.


2 thoughts on “Cayo Costa Sea Urchins

  1. Cindy Rice

    Hi Heather… and Dave πŸ™‚ !
    I know NOTHING about sea urchins. Truthfully I have never ever seen one, dead or alive. They look very interesting, do they sting? The dead ones look very fragile.

    Your painting is gorgeous, as usual. I thought it was a tiny one when I saw it on Facebook, but now I can see it is larger. I love this different color palette, just beautiful.

    I am a tad jealous how you can go to the beach and it is considered work!!! Enjoy some sand and salt water for me the next time you go.


    1. practice925 Post author

      Hi Cindy,

      The urchins we saw can be tiny like you see in David’s hand here. But they can be a bit larger as well. The dead ones I brought home to paint from have a 2″ diameter. They do not sting ing that I know of and yes they are super fragile! I broke a few of them sadly enough.

      I almost feel guilty that my subject matter includes such a beautiful surrounding like the sea! Plus your brother made it even a more special day!

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