Painting from Photos

If you paint from photos you might understand the struggle of getting a good photo to paint from. I take a lot of photos and often they just aren’t inspiring enough to use for painting. This can get discouraging. I have been painting for a year or so now on a part-time basis and I feel like I came to a breakthrough with this one for the simple fact of being able to fudge the background to my liking.

I enjoyed painting the loose strokes of the beach goers walking the beach. This excited me so that I had to post about it. It’s often the background of a painting that sets the stage for the most important part.


2 thoughts on “Painting from Photos

  1. Cindy Rice

    I find it so interesting when artists know what to do to change a photo to create a work of art. The changes you made in perspective and color create a beautiful painting. Bravo, Heather!


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