Summer Skies

Morning Marsh (8 x 8 oil on canvas)

Over the summer I took photos of local area marshes. This one taken in Harns Marsh, where the heavy morning air hangs thick like soup especially in the early morning hours. Despite the sweaty weather, the clouds make for some great landscape paintings when half the sky is full of sun and the other full of clouds.

Sanctuary (8 x 8 oil on canvas)

I love the way Florida skies can light up a scene with its sun peeking through thickest of clouds in the  summer months. Summer is closing its rainy doors and opening to get outside to paint –  soon I hope!


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    1. practice925 Post author

      The weather is so amazing right now. Thank you for the kind words and lovely photos of your garden. I love the internet for the simple fact that creative people can connect and share.

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