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Fun Night Out for Luminary

I really enjoyed getting out for Luminary Night last weekend. Sanibel Art and Frame displayed ornaments made by a few of the artists.


The gallery recently put my paintings all together in the gallery. I have added the smaller shells in the upper middle left area. I’m really excited to have all my paintings in one area in the gallery.


I love the way the luminaries light up the walkways on the way to the shops. People were milling around and getting in the spirit of the holiday despite the rainy weather.


Painting in Greys

Grey seems to be in the air lately and on my paint palette. I walked into a bathroom where I hoped to paint a mural. The tile was grey and white and the term grisaille came to mind. Grisaille is the French word for grey and is used to describe monochrome paintings often painted in grey tones. I admire the old grey works in history and hoped to get the opportunity try my hand at one.

Spoonbill_2058 72ppi
The mural is a very simple mangrove theme with color applied to the butterfly, spoonbill and kayaker.

Butterfly_2067 72ppi
I paint murals from time to time and mostly use a bright tropical palette. I have to admit that I could get used to creating in this subdued single-tone background for my mural painting projects.

Kayaker_2044 72ppi
The spoonbill is the most prominent element in the painting. I’m so glad the homeowners commissioned me for the job. The mural was actually painted right around the corner from my own home. I got to try a new technique while getting to know my very nice neighbors!

Grey Cloudy Day

The onlookers WP

I was recently inspired by a grey day on Sanibel Island to create this new canvas. I was taken in by the minimal amount of light peeking through the clouds. Here in Florida its sun, sun and more sun most of the year. Weird I know, but I welcome the contrasting weather. My goal with the painting was to capture all the variations of grey in the early morning light and a sense of calm.

Girl Walking WP

I took this photo of a young girl enjoying her morning observing the birds and searching the sand for something to bring home from her vacation. Children are so curious and this little girl was like an acrobat weaving her way in and around the sandbars. After the morning was over I gave her a feather and told her feathers are good luck. I think I was having good luck that morning to find such a wonderful poser for my next painting.