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Moving My Site

In the Studio

Plein air paintings

This winter I decided to start the practice of plein air painting. With this I decided to start a new website. You can follow more of my outdoor painting here: https://heatherslabosz.com/blog/

Thank you for your interest in my work.




Summer Skies

Morning Marsh (8 x 8 oil on canvas)

Over the summer I took photos of local area marshes. This one taken in Harns Marsh, where the heavy morning air hangs thick like soup especially in the early morning hours. Despite the sweaty weather, the clouds make for some great landscape paintings when half the sky is full of sun and the other full of clouds.

Sanctuary (8 x 8 oil on canvas)

I love the way Florida skies can light up a scene with its sun peeking through thickest of clouds in the  summer months. Summer is closing its rainy doors and opening to get outside to paint –  soon I hope!

Grey Cloudy Day

The onlookers WP

I was recently inspired by a grey day on Sanibel Island to create this new canvas. I was taken in by the minimal amount of light peeking through the clouds. Here in Florida its sun, sun and more sun most of the year. Weird I know, but I welcome the contrasting weather. My goal with the painting was to capture all the variations of grey in the early morning light and a sense of calm.

Girl Walking WP

I took this photo of a young girl enjoying her morning observing the birds and searching the sand for something to bring home from her vacation. Children are so curious and this little girl was like an acrobat weaving her way in and around the sandbars. After the morning was over I gave her a feather and told her feathers are good luck. I think I was having good luck that morning to find such a wonderful poser for my next painting.