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Moving My Site

In the Studio

Plein air paintings

This winter I decided to start the practice of plein air painting. With this I decided to start a new website. You can follow more of my outdoor painting here: https://heatherslabosz.com/blog/

Thank you for your interest in my work.




Summer Skies

Morning Marsh (8 x 8 oil on canvas)

Over the summer I took photos of local area marshes. This one taken in Harns Marsh, where the heavy morning air hangs thick like soup especially in the early morning hours. Despite the sweaty weather, the clouds make for some great landscape paintings when half the sky is full of sun and the other full of clouds.

Sanctuary (8 x 8 oil on canvas)

I love the way Florida skies can light up a scene with its sun peeking through thickest of clouds in the  summer months. Summer is closing its rainy doors and opening to get outside to paint –  soon I hope!

Painting from Photos

If you paint from photos you might understand the struggle of getting a good photo to paint from. I take a lot of photos and often they just aren’t inspiring enough to use for painting. This can get discouraging. I have been painting for a year or so now on a part-time basis and I feel like I came to a breakthrough with this one for the simple fact of being able to fudge the background to my liking.

I enjoyed painting the loose strokes of the beach goers walking the beach. This excited me so that I had to post about it. It’s often the background of a painting that sets the stage for the most important part.

Cayo Costa Sea Urchins

I finally got around to painting this sea urchin from my sea shell finds at Cayo Costa State Park. My husband and I enjoyed a perfect day of weather and sunshine on the water.

I always obey the live shelling rule – No live shelling! I recently heard that when placing live shells back into the water, never toss them, as it is traumatic to the critter inside. So now I carefully place them back in the water.

Small Painting of a Sea Shell

Nerite sea shell

I have been trying my hand at small daily paintings. Painting on a small 6″ x 6″ canvas is a
wonderful way to complete a painting in a small stretch of time. Instead of larger canvases, the small canvases are liberating because they are completed in one sitting. I find this concept of working such a sense of accomplishment for only one day at my easel.