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Murals and Creative Freedom

Fera Mural WP


I am sharing a photo done a while back of a mural project close to my heart. It was painted for a woman who has probably traveled to very far off places. The special thing about the job was, she gave me total creative freedom and it was the first time in my mural work this happened. This was very foreign to me as all my customers had told me up until this one, exactly what they wanted.

How I arrived at the mural’s subject matter was from an embroidered fabric I found hanging on her wall. I remember how inspiring it was to go around her home to see the art she loved from her travels. Creative freedom is like a gift for an artist and this was my first go at it for a mural. I did not realize at the time what the art on the wall would mean to me but it symbolizes more than a woman standing on a bank in a far off land.