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Crew Land and Water Trust

Cypress Trail_7601

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At a Lee County Alliance of the Arts painting class I met a woman who showed me her photos from a local conservation organization. She was kind enough to lend me a photo she took along a trail. I loved the bands of unique colors in the landscape and the peaceful feel of the wide open space. I hope to go back to this place again. After one visit I find it a majestic retreat from the fast pace of life.

For more information on this majestic 5,000-acre sawgrass marsh check out their website: http://www.crewtrust.org/



Shell is a Winding Staircase

sundial better_7259 72ppi

In my quest to find fun shells to paint I pulled this one out of my collection. I usually paint local shells and I am guessing the sundial is a rare find in my area. I did find it listed in a shell identification book as a relatively uncommon find in my area.

The sundial sea shell reminds me of a winding spiral staircase. The colors in the shell are truly deep and rich like the finished painting. I enjoyed painting this little beauty. It amazes me that a living creature actually created such beautiful and colorful patterns.

Small Painting of a Shark’s Eye

Here is another small painting on a 6″ x 6″ canvas of a Shark’s Eye. This sweet little shell actually bores a hole in unlucky clam shells to acquire its meal. That is why you might see a small hole in a clam shell lying on the beach. I know even a shell has to eat, but that kind of creeped me out.

I painted this shell using acrylics and have since been using oils. Today is another day of painting a small shell on a small canvas. You can see how the oils lend themselves to a looser style in the previous post of the Nerite shell. I am so enjoying a more free brush stroke. Probably because the paint doesn’t dry so quickly. Here’s to free, loose brush strokes! Happy Friday!